Medical Case Management

When shipboard care is not an option, patients can be taken to the MMS Medical Clinic where our clinical specialists can provide additional medical services in modern, fully-equipped medical facilities.

Drug Testing

MMS provides shipboard drug testing services 24 hours a day for all drug testing scenarios such as:

  • Post-accident follow up
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Coast Guard required testing
  • Routine or random testing

Inpatient Hospitalization

MMS provides a broad range of inpatient hospitalization services, ranging from routine procedures to complex surgeries.

Case Management

When a crew member requires hospitalization MMS manages the patient’s case throughout their stay. The MMS team maintains daily contact with the patient, hospital and medical staff, the ship’s agent and the ship’s owners or P&I correspondent.

MMS inpatient case management yields significant reduction in length of hospital stay and rapid movement to less expensive outpatient services or repatriation.

MMS assists the ship’s agent with repatriation providing medical records, prescriptions, and a smooth transition of care. MMS also provides full medically escorted repatriation to any location in the world.

Bill Review

We provide aggressive billing review that can often save thousands of dollars. Our billing review team can identify discount opportunities and eliminate overcharges and errors. MMS provides the P&I correspondent, owner, or agent with one consolidated billing statement including all inpatient, outpatient and associated medical charges.

Discount & Consolidation

MMS can provide generous discounting to hospital and physician billings. This is reflected in significantly lower overall costs to ship owners with discounts ranging from 5% to 50%.








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