Global Repatriation Service:

Medical repatriation is often the best, pro-patient alternative to continued treatment in the United States. This allows the patient to return home to family and friends for treatment and recovery in a comfortable and cost-effective environment.
Repatriation examples include:

  • Psychiatric patients
  • Patients stabilized after stroke, heart attack or acute injury
  • Trauma patients awaiting further treatment
  • Neurologic impairment

Our physicians and nurses are highly experienced in providing Air Ambulance and Medical Repatriation Services.

Travel Service

MMS retains experts who are skilled in repatriation services. Our staff will ensure that quick, economical travel plans are made. MMS understands what accommodations are necessary based on the patient's particular medical condition. Because of our experience, we can also handle complicated customs and immigration situations, such as medical parole and emergency visas.

Escort/En Route Care

MMS employs clinical professionals with experience escorting patients overseas to their home countries. Our staff will accommodate all medical needs of the patient while in transit, and will safely deliver them to an arranged receiving facility upon arrival.








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